Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Top Chef

When they announced the two finalist tonight on Top Chef I swear I heard Erin (aka EEK) scream all the way from Germantown.

The finale next week is going to be vicious.


sMoRTy71 said...

I hope Marcel crushes Ilan. He deserves it after the way the other 3 finalists treated him.

EEK! said...

Ah, I call bullshit on Marcel's molecular gastronomy. Who really wants to eat xantham gum? It's in all kinds of shelf-stable foods, sure, but what place does it have in top chefery? When Marcel was all happy about being able to use his "chemicals" I just cringed. Mmmmm please plate me a beautiful dish of CHEMICALS. Yuck. I prefer FOOD.

Ilan is a sneaky whiny weasel, as are Elia and Sam. But I'd actually want to eat their food, unlike Marcel's. Blech. Xantham gum!

Dott Comments said...

I agree.

AA said...

I added a link to blahg on my blahg. BLAHHHHG0rz!