Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Donnie Davies

Taken from Good As You:

There is some debate about whether this is a horrible joke, or just a horrible vocal expression of horrible sentiment. Either way -- it's pretty horrible:

If it's a joke, then this man, Donnie Davies, has created an impressively elaborate ruse. If it's legit, then his delusions are just as all-encompassing. One thing, however, is for certain: "F***ed up" does not begin to describe the type of mentality that would lead to this video's creation!

So good ole' Donnie obviously loves God. By the looks of him I'm assuming he is a southern Baptist. One question though Donnie: Why did you steal someone else's design for your Web site? Last time I checked "thou shall not steal" was in the ten commandments. I emailed Monc, the creator of the CSS Zen Garden entry you ripped off. I also emailed Dave Shea, creator of CSS Zen Garden. Hopefully you'll get a cease and desist letter since you are obviously not following the creative commons licenses applied to the work you stole. Asshole!

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EEK! said...

Good fucking Lord!