Monday, January 2, 2006

Synchronize Firefox bookmarks with Foxmarks

Remember that Bookmark Synchronizer extension for Firefox that synchronizes bookmarks between computers? Well it broke in Firefox 1.5, hurling me back into the Safari/Firefox dilemma as I really, really need that synchronizing goodness - I just have far too many bookmarks (over 1000 ) to keep track of between two Macs.

Well Eureka! Foxmarks to the rescue! In fact, it brings a couple new tricks to the table besides allowing for basic FTP/HTTP bookmark synchronizing: if you don't have your own hosting space, they provide hosting for you (for free) to sync your bookmarks with. If that wasn't already nice enough, they also offer the .Mac-like ability to sign into your account and access your bookmarks from any computer through a web interface - allowing almost anywhere-in-the-world access to your bookmarks.

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Zee said...

Thanks for your posts - I use an iBook G4 and don't care about Bush either...