Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Re-introducing the real Windows Vista

Windows Vista: First of a Kind Features?
Earlier this week, Bill Gates gave the Keynote Address at CES. In an effort to gear people up for the gadget wizardry they were about to experience on the show floor, Bill touted the revolutionary new features of the upcoming Windows Vista. Baring any further setbacks, Vista is scheduled to be released near the end of 2006.

Any Mac users who watched the Keynote were likely unimpressed. This must have been the case with the user who created the following video. Is Vista unique in all of its first of a kind features? You decide.


Windows Vista: A Revolution in Information Access?

Here's another video to help put Bill Gates and the gang at Microsoft back where they belong. Windows Vista has been designed from the ground up to make information more accessible. It has been designed around the concept of parental control.

Windows Vista has been delayed time after time. Now we know where the software engineers have been spending their time. They are trying to put the finishing touches on these revolutionary concepts in personal computing. I am counting down the days until Vista ships... sometime near the end of 2006. How will we pass the time?


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