Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend recap

Eva getting over being sick

- Eva ran a fever earlier in the week off and on.
- On Friday we took her to the doctor. Both her and Stella flu shots.
- By Saturday she was feeling fine - just in time for her birthday party and to hang out with her Aunt Robin.

Birthday parties!

- Saturday I took Eva to a birthday party at the planetarium.
- I got to sit in and watch the show for the kids - pretty boring
- At the end of the show they put on a little laser light show, which was awesome.

First annual LPSA retreat

- The retreat took place at the Auerbach family farm in LaGrange on Saturday Oct. 23rd and Sunday Oct. 24th.
- The plan was to play soccer, camp out, cook out, and play more soccer. The rain kinda spoiled these plans on sunday.
- I missed the game on saturday, but I heard it was fun. Randy even brought out turf paint and marked the field.
- There was tons of food and alcohol at the cookout.
- Wes built a very toasty campfire. S'mores were made, jokes/stories were told and Ty broke a chair.
- George brought his projection screen and powerbook. We watched "The Great Pumpkin" in a field, out in the country. It was pretty cool.
- Paz and I only hung out on Saturday and went home that night. From what we heard Sunday morning was cold and messy.

Eva's 6th birthday party!

- Birthday invitations created and executed by best friend and soccer-mate Tyson Kreft.
- We had the party at the Jewish Community Center.
- Lots of family and friends were invited. My sister even flew in from Chicago for it.
- Kids played in the gym, jumped around in an inflatable bouncer, participated in a ladybug scavenger hunt, played with hula-hoops etc.
- After burning some energy we went down to the party room and consumed pumpkin muffins (made by yours truly), pita chips, guacamole, salsa, fruits and veggies.
- Eva refused to have "Happy Birthday" sung to her, so we didn't. So dramatic!
- We took the presents home and opened them there in the privacy of our own home - I highly recommend this.

Overall it was a fun-filled weekend. It would've been better if someone bought Eva a chimpanzee robot.

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