Monday, September 12, 2005

Quick post +++ More from Floriduh

I went a long walk today with my brother and sister and we saw a lot of damage from last years hurricane (Ivan). Chunks of concrete in the ocean, houses that are still in shambles, massive erosion etc. This morning we saw 6 sting rays swimming back and forth in front of the sandbar. I went out there and got less that a foot away from them, then I walked back and forth on the sandbar with them. On the other side of the sandbar a fisherman said he saw a bigger one, so I am guessing it was the mommy-ray and the other ones were the kids. Weve been seeing dolphins almost every morning as well. We did some shopping in the late morning and I got a new bag, a sweater and some Om from the Gap outlet. The rest of the day was spent on the beach and in the pool with Paz, Eva, Stella, Robin and Chris. We caught crabs and jellyfish. Every evening we have been playing games after the girls go to bed. Alcohol is consumed (not by me) and good times are had. Tonight we play uno! Check out my flickr for more photos.

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dottcomments said...

Get back to work slacker!

Seriously, hope you had a great time.