Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NPR says user-controlled content organization (Digg) beats Google

'Tagging' Lets Ordinary Users Organize the Internet

For those who don't know, is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do. I have been a huge fan of since its incarnation. The beer drinking hosts (Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht) who also run the site do podcasts and vidcasts as well that you can find for free in the iTunes music store.

The national show All Things Considered (9/20/05) featured a story about how and flickr-type 'tagging' and the trend of user-controlled content organization (Digg) is more useful than Google results, because content is filtered by humans.

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