Wednesday, July 6, 2005

View From The Ground

Friends and Peoples:

I am spreading the word about a recently resurrected project, the View From The Ground. Some of you may have heard about it in the past, it was an experiment in 'independent media' making that was run out of an abandoned unit/office of Stateway Gardens (a building complex of Public Housing in Chicago). Most of that stretch of public housing has been torn down in the last few years, but the "View" has been re-launched to release a month-or-so worth of daily postings that will detail the last few years of COMPLETELY SHOCKING police brutality committed in/around Stateway Gardens. Anyways, my angle is that I think it is a really interesting example of media making, I think the writing is really great and unlike much investigative or Human Rights journalism that I have seen anywhere. It will be updated everyday this month with good new stuff. As usual..SPREAD IT AROUND!

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David Eads said...

This is The View webmaster, designer, and all-around bike-ridin' fix-it person. Thanks for the support -- I'm humbled by some of the links we've been getting. We're definitely trying to take a set of well-respected technological tools and journalistic conventions but employ them in a creative and interesting way.

We'd also love critical engagement with our our readers by way of comments, now that we have that functionality. Our goal is to deepen discourse and challenge conventional narratives, which is necessarily a collective process.