Friday, July 29, 2005

Tiger echoes in Windows Vista

Microsoft has released its first Beta 1 code of Windows Vista (formerly called Longhorn), the next version of Windows, schedule to ship next year.

The pre-production code is available as a download to 10,000 technical beta testers, most of them from the enterprise information technology and developer community.

Mac watchers may note that much of what is promised in Longhorn (Vista) is already available in some form within Mac OS X. In a sense, Microsoft’s focuses within its forthcoming OS confirm that Apple has been on the right system development track within its Mac OS X releases. [Read more]

You can also see lots of similarites between the look and feel of the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 to Firefox. It seems apparent to me that Microsoft is taking the Copy/Paste approach to Open Source. After all, if it ain't broke... copy it! See for yourself.

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