Friday, May 6, 2005

Derby, Oaks and death

Let it be known that I have never been into Derby. I am into the fact that my brother (Chris - Los Angeles) and sister (Robin - Chicago) come in town, but I have never cared for the dumb drunk white-hats in the infield or the race itself. Every year up until last year Chris, Robin and all of there friends would try to figure out the best way to sneak alcohol into the infield. I remember seeing Robins photos from the infield, which always included shots of various drunk people and men peeing out in the middle of everyone. This was an on-going thing for them to do every year, an inside joke of sorts. Besides going to Churchill Downs, my siblings and I usually throw a BBQ at my Mom's house and invite close friends and neighbors (my Mom and Step Dad recently added on a new sun-room and big new deck - bonus!). I'm looking forward to it.

Since when did Jefferson County Public School take the day off on Oaks? I don't remember getting this day off. I believe they are calling it "professional development" day.

On a sad note, Paz's Grandmother passed away earlier this week. She had moved from Chile to Kentucky about 2 years ago so she could move into Paz's parents home. She wasn't ill or anything, but she was getting older, more frail and needed more attention. Paz took care of her during the last 2 weeks of her life - I was so proud of her for doing that. You can read her obituary here. Sometime in the next month or so Carlos (My father-in law) is going to take her ashes to Valparaíso so he can throw them in the South Pacific.

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