Friday, January 12, 2007

It's official - Beckham signed to play with MLS

Beckham will play for MLS' L.A. Galaxy in $250M deal

David Beckham, the former England soccer captain known as much for his style as his play, has agreed to leave Real Madrid and join the Los Angeles Galaxy in a deal Major League Soccer hopes will boost the sport in the United States in a manner similar to Pele's arrival with the Cosmos in 1975. The Galaxy team had already announced that they have sold over 1,000 season tickets and could sell out their total allotment in about 30 days. My older brother in L.A. IM'ed me the day this was announced and said he was looking into buying a 4 ticket package with some friends.

On one hand I think it is great and will bring a lot more attention to the MLS. On the other hand the salary Beckham is getting (250 million over 5 years) is ridiculous compared to the salaries of the other MLS players. What a huge slap in the face.

I have to admit though, the Beckham/Donovan/Gomez/Jones combo will be lethal.

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