Thursday, December 7, 2006

7 Things You Should Know About Tim Biskup

1) TIM BISKUP IS ONE OF THE TOP ARTISTS IN THE POP SURREALIST MOVEMENT. His paintings and sculptures of fantasmagorical cartoony creatures, hatchet-wielding cyborgs, screaming skulls, and demure young women are shown at top galleries in the U.S., Tokyo, Melbourne, Spain and Germany, routinely commanding five figures.

2) HE LIVES IN A FAMILY OF ARTISTS. Both his parents were gifted amateur artists. His wife, Seonna Hong is a well-known artist, too. Their 4-year-old daughter Tigerlilly (named after the Indian princess in Walt Disney’s Peter Pan) is already such an accomplished artist that more than one gallery owner has asked to exhibit her work. The family paints and draws together in their Eugene Weston-designed mid-century modern home outside Pasadena, California.

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