Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waiting for Adeline

The Browne family is expecting it's newest member of the family any day now. We are all very anxious and excited for Addie to make her big debut. I already know Eva is going to be a great helper but Paz and I have no idea how Stella is going to react. We are predicting lots of jealous rages. Paz and I have been cleaning up the house, organizing Addie's new room, stocking up in diapers, clothes, blankets etc. All we need now is a new baby to use of all this new stuff. Speaking of new stuff, I have noticed that with each baby I have that there are all these new baby products that people rave about. This time around is it "My Breast Friend" and "The Bebe Pod". We got both of them too, because well, we are suckers.

P.S. We finally settled on a middle name. Adeline Sol.

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