Friday, June 9, 2006

It's OK, I'm a real drummer

In my office at work I face the doorway. This means that when ever someone walks by they get a good glimpse of me. Most of the time I'm in my normal working pose but every now and then someone will walk by when I'm rocking out, or air drumming. I can't help it. I automatically memorize drum beats to every song I listen to. Therefore, if I like the rhythm of a song I am listening to I am going to rock out.

Speaking of rocking out, I might not be able to do it much longer at work because the shithead IT department blocked access to iTunes. WTF? They implemented this sometime last week but since then I have not closed iTunes. If I closed it and tried to open it again I will get an access error of some sort. I am never going to restart or shut down my computer ever again. *Update: I came to work on the following Monday to find that someone had restarted my computer -- fuckers!

In other news, today marks the birthday of my amazing wife Paz. She will be turning 27. Happy Birthday my love!

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