Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blame it on Birmingham

I'm in Birmingham, AL., working at the 217th Presbyterian General Assembly. I've been here since Wednesday the 14th and I'm leaving on Thursday the 22nd. I had a hard time checking into my hotel but after a little fussing I got everything all straightened out. The hotel I am staying at is 10-15 mins or so away from the convention center and I have to take shuttle buses back and forth. It has been a MAJOR pain to find a ride back to my hotel at night. I've been working 14+ hours a day and am getting pretty delirious. I wish I was getting taken care of a little bit more while working here. The least thing they can do is provide some nourishment (coffee, bottled water, fruit, etc.) for us while we are working late nights. I'm not getting enough sleep, not eating any decent food (there are not many vegetarian friendly places near here) and overall feel pretty helpless. Today marks day 5. It's 12:18 am and I am heading back to the hotel. Dianna rented a car to make our trips to and from the hotel a lot easier. The only things keeping me sane is talking to Paz, watching the world cup and listening to music on the ole' ipod. I got world cup fever. Must get some rest.

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