Monday, April 10, 2006

Adidas Adicolor Yellow x Huf Barry McGee

If you know me well you know that I am pretty nerdy when it comes to shoes. Even nerdier when it comes to obscure limited shoes by nike or adidas. Lord knows I could never afford to dish out $500-$1000 for a pair of shoes, but I like following the press releases on them and the buying trends.

Check out these super limited edition Adidas Adicolor's Yellow series designed by San Francisco's own Barry McGee. Only 12 stores around the world have got these shoes and they come in a special box also designed by Barry McGee.

Regarding the Adicolor / McGee FONG controversy: Ray Fong (the character pictured on the tongue of this Adicolor Huf SF shoe) is an alter-ego of Barry McGee who also happens to be Asian as it were. McGee has done several art opening under the pseudonym Ray Fong and those too have stirred up controversy - not because of any stereotypical characterization or depiction but namely because people thought someone named "Ray Fong" was blatantly copying Barry McGee's style.

So, for clarification - The Adidas Adicolor Barry McGee Huf shoe is a collaboration between Huf San Francisco, Barry McGee (also of San Francisco), and Stay Gold Creative (of San Francisco).

So there you have it people. As can be seen from the picture below that I blatantly swiped from the GR2 website, Barry Mcgee is Ray Fong. Ray Fong is a recurring character in his body of work which includes numerous other cultural depictions including people of Native American and Hispanic origin.

An artist often likes to stir up controversy and get people to THINK. Rather than this being a simple Huf x McGee x Adidas colorway it's an actual piece of ART with more than just a selection of colors going into the thought process.

So put that on your foot and WEAR IT. Above all else it's beautiful.

See the shoe!

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