Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm selling my Mac!

Help me get one of the new 20" iMacs and buy my old G4. The new iMacs squash my current set-up in storage, RAM and speed. Plus they have the built in iSight with will lead to countless hours of me taking pictures of the girls with the new "photobooth" software.

Here is what I am selling:

PowerMac Gigabit G4/450 Dual Processor and a 21" monitor

# Dual Bootable
# 512 MB of RAM
# 30 GB internal drive
# internal SuperDrive (DVD player, not a DVD-R)
# internal 56k modem (if you really need it)
# includes keyboard and mouse
# ATI Rage 128 Video
# Tons of apps already installed (Adobe, Macromedia, Quark etc.)
# Comes installed with Tiger
# OS CD is not included

Some of these documents (in PDF format) might be useful to you:
# PowerMac G4 Graphite Specs PDF icon
# What OS can I run on my older Mac? PDF icon

This same model goes for about $900 on I am thinking of selling this, along with the 21" monitor and a external Que CD burner (15x10x40) for around $750.

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