Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Stella is officially mine

She's finally paid off. Almost three years after she was born all of Stella's medical bills from her conception are paid off. Stella was delivered via c-section (a little premature) and when she was coming out she swallowed some amniotic fluid. Her breathing was a little off from it and her doctor wanted her to monitored. She ended up using a CPAP for about 48 hours, then 48 hours without one. Once her oxygen levels and breathing were normal we got to take her home. My insurance covered a lot of it of the bill, but there still a lot to be paid off. I'm glad I finally got it off my radar! Stella will be 3 years old on Febuary 6th.

Speaking of birthdays - Eva turns 6 on the 27th. Man, time flies.


EEK! said...

Thank god, 'cause the Repo Man don't play.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great, but has links to different reviews.