Thursday, October 13, 2005

LPSA Select Indoor

I mentioned before that I have been playing indoor soccer again, and I freaking love it. The team I am playing with are a select group of guys from the Louisville Pick-up Soccer Association (LPSA), a pick-up league I helped start towards the end of the summer. We are playing in the "C" league at Mockingbird Valley, which is one league below the don't-mess-around-competitive dudes and one league above the "D" guys who are in worse shape then I am. Last week we had our first match and played the best team in the "C" league - GREAT! This is the team that has been undefeated for the past 2 sessions. Needless to say we got clobbered 9-1. All of us haven't played indoor for a while (for me it has been 12+ years) and we definitely weren't playing at our best. This weeks game (last night) was a little different. We played a team a little more equal to us and ended up winning 5-3. I had no goals but 2 nice assists, one of them being a crossing header made by half field. I need to invest in some new indoor shoes - here are some I got my eye one.

Adidas Samba Millennium | Diadora Brazil Indoor | Hummel Squadra Anywhere

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