Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TB + Google video = embarrassment

I don't really know why I'm sharing this with the world. Maybe I'm doing it in hopes for my friends to have a good laugh. I mean you know what they say, time + tragedy = comedy. Not that either of links below had to do with anything tragic, but they sure are embarrassing now that I look back on them.

#1 - The Enkindels "Monsters" video

I believe the year was 1997. This was a video project my good friend Sharon did when she first started taking film classes. We purposely wanted to give it that green screen/generic feel, and go over the top with the goofy-ness. We drove up to the University of Cincinnati to shoot it, and after we got there we realized we forgot one of our guitars and ended up borrowing a fake fender startocaster. I can't even start to list all the ridiculous things in this video. Enjoy.

#2 - Doughnuts "Drowning" video

Summer of 1995. Fireside Bowl, Chicago, Illinois. It was the last day of the Enkindel and Empathy summer tour, and we played with Snapcase and Doughnuts. A film crew shot all of Snapcase and Doughnuts sets, and footage from the Doughnuts set appears in the video. At the time, Snapcase was HUGE and was just about to release the "Steps" E.P. A couple months prior to the release they gave away a cassingle (yes, a cassingle) with 2 songs from the E.P., along with 2 songs from the Doughnuts new LP. I listened to the Snapcase songs so much and my car stereo automatically flips it over to the other side, so I ended up listening to the Doughnuts songs too. Doughnuts were an all female metal/hardcore band from Sweden and kids flipped out over them. There songs were mediocre, actually ... some were just plain awful, but since they were female everyone thought they were amazing. At the time I did too. In this video you can see me in the crowd and on stage singing to them. I had orange hair. Look at :32 and 2:09ish. Years after they filmed this Victory Records came out with a VHS tape with videos from all their bands and this video was on it. Till this day a lot of my friends still me a hard time for it.


MsHellion said...

I like the enkindlekitty.

EEK! said...

You are officially the biggest spaz ever, and I love you for putting it out there for the world to see.

The unbridled enthusiasm for a band as shitty as the Doughnuts ... ah, wasted youth!