Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jasmine Eastman - Avian Veterinary Specialist

Yesterday I was outside of starbucks speaking with my friend Jasmine when out of nowhere a Tennessee Warbler (Vermivora peregrina) came crashing to the concrete. I think it has a nest somewhere on the outside of the Seelbach, and must have fallen off. After it fell to the ground it went into shock, was running around and tried to fly away but couldn't. This isn't the first time something like this has happened and soon after Jasmine saw it she rushed back inside the store, grabbed a hand-towel and picked the little birdy up. Upon observation she noticed that the bird had cobwebs tangled up all around its legs and wing. We gently placed the bird onto a large concrete flower pot (if your familiar with the Seelbach you know what I'm talking about) and trimmed off the cobwebs with a pocket knife. I was pretty amazed with Jasmines McGuyver-esque skill - she was on a mission to save this bird! The bird was still freaking out a little so Jasmine set it down and gently rubbed its back. The bird gently closed its eyes, then would open them again, then would slowly close its eyes again. We thought for sure it was going to die so Jasmine pushed it back into the ivy to have some peace. We both went on with our day.

About an hour later or so Jasmine went to show a coworker the little fellow. When she pulled back the ivy she saw the little guy wide-eyed and walking around. The bird then let out a few chirps and flew away. Hooray for Jasmine. Job well done.

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EEK! said...

Amazing! Bird was probably just enjoying his bonus massage.