Friday, September 9, 2005


So far, so good. The drive was nice, the girls behaved and the beach house is amazing. We are right smack in the middle between Destin and Panama City. We are right on the beach, which is crystal clear and the sandbar is only 20-30 ft out. Perfect for the girls to swim in and if they are sick of the salt water they can always jump into the pool here which is in between the house and garage/guest house. The salt water is argrevating Stellas excema a little, but a little protopic cream serves as a good shield. My brother and step-brothers got in town today and my sister gets in town tomorrow. Family gathering in-effect! We've been here 2 days and ...

- I've already got burned shoulders
- Eva got stung by a wasp
- I caught a scorpion
- Caught sand crabs with Eva
- More event postings to come

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