Sunday, August 21, 2005

Week/weekend recap

This has been the week of virus's and worms.

On Tuesday my work was attacked by a worm due to a Windows 2000 vulnerability (read post below) and Stella caught a virus that put her out of commission for 4-5 days. She was running a moderate temp, vomiting and getting a lot of hangtime with Daddy on the couch. As much as I don't like it when Eva and Stella are sick, I do love how they are helpless and just mold to me on the couch. I cherish those moments.

On Wednesday I went to Eva's school orientation (she starts kindergarten on Monday ...AAAHHHH!!) and on Friday I helped my sister in law move to Bloomington. On Saturday I did have plans to attend a party my friend/co-worker Erin threw for her husband Jason and I also wanted to try to attend D.Biddle's set at Uncle Pleasants. I don't really get to see Duncan that often, and I appreciated it when he came to check out my old band Black Widows. Anyhoo ... All my plans for Saturday night fell threw because we didn't have a baby sitter. Sucks! I did get to meet fellow LPSA mates Tyson, Dana, Connor and Adam at the Irish Rover to eat, drink and watch Manchester United play Ashton Villa. Paz stayed home with the girls and let me go out for a bit, thanks Paz, I love you. After dinner I headed home and watched the movie "Hostage" starring Bruce Willis. Not bad.

On Sunday I had a soccer match and played a pretty good game. I lead my team, Safe FC to a 6-4 victory (had a hat trick, one of which was scored off a corner kick ... whooo hoooo!) over our rivals Laser Arsenal. I accidentally kicked the ball really hard into the side of this girls face - which threw her glasses about 5 feet away from her. I felt soooo bad!! After the match I cleaned up, got the family ready and headed out to Pewee Valley for a cook out/suprise party for my Step Dad. My sister came in town for it too - which makes it more special. I'm now winding down in front of my moms PC listening to the girls play in the background. I am freaking out that Eva is almost 6 and starts kindergarten tomorrow - another milestone. Paz and I were looking at archived photos and mpegs on my computer and can't believe how fast the last 5 years have gone by. Next thing you know she will be starting high school, then college. Crazy.

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