Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Arrested Development coming back for a third season!

AD is back and in full effect

First off, I hate my firewalls at work. I just wrote this long ass post about how happy I am about Arrested Development coming back but now I don't feel like writing it all out again. Ctrl+C before you publish! Arrgghhh.

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Fox says "Arrested Development" will return for third season

Three days before announcing its fall schedule, Fox made "Arrested Development" fans happy by announcing that the eccentric comedy had been picked up for a full third season.

Fox Entertainment president Peter Liguori called "Arrested" "one of the best comedies on television. The decision to order another season becomes easy when you consider its amazing cast, creative brilliance, critical acclaim and advertiser appeal. It's my first official pick-up since taking the job, and I think it's a great way to start."

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Fox saves `Arrested Development'

n a major surprise, Fox has renewed its critically-acclaimed but little-watched ``Arrested Development'' for a third season.

The quirky comedy had been considered a long shot to make the network's fall schedule, which will be announced on Thursday. While it won the Emmy for best comedy in its first season, ``Arrested Development'' has rarely attracted more than 7 million viewers even though Fox gave it a boost this past season by scheduling it after ``The Simpsons.'' [Read more]

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Good news for fans of Fox’s Arrested Development and NBC’s The Office

Good news Arrested Development fans: Fox is officially quiet on the subject until they release their schedules, but the word from E!'s TV gossip-hound Kristin is that not only had Arrested Development been renewed for next season, it's been renewed for TWO seasons. (It turns out that, due to "licensing fees," the show has only been renewed for one season after all - but that's not bad news either!) So, despite lackluster ratings, Fox's president, Peter Liguori, is standing behind the show, and my guess is because he's probably a fan and also realizes that this show is the kind of show that needs to slowly build up an audience - much like Seinfeld needed a couple of seasons to really catch people's attention. I firmly believe this show has the potential to be the next Seinfeld, in fact - it's irreverent, it's edgy and different, and it's similarly complex. Like Seinfeld, it's the kind of show that divided people, but it got them talking - and hopefully will follow in Seinfeld's footstep and get people watching. I do not exaggerate when I say that it is, without a doubt, the funniest show I have ever seen on TV. [Read more]

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