Thursday, April 7, 2005

Mia is back!

Stella sitting on Mia

Mia is my sister in laws rottweiler - and we are watching her while my sister in law is away, soaking it up in Florida. We have watched her in the past and it has always been a pleasant experience. She makes us feel really safe in the middle of the night and is quick to guard us when someone approaches the house or knocks on the door. Eva and Stella absolutely love this dog and Mia loves the attention. She will let Stella jump on top of while she is laying down and let the girls hug her a million times a day without making a fuss. Paz's sister gets back in town on Sunday and it is going to be hard to give her back! Mia is such a sweetheart, a one of a kind rottweiler.


Carrie said...

My grandpa had a great rottweiler too. He was the SWEETEST THING. He had babies with a St Bernard which were also incredibly sweet, but HUGE. Huuuuuuuge!

Mia said...