Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Wedding time!

A friend of Paz's parents recently asked Eva and her cousin Camilla to be flower girls in her wedding. The wedding was at the church that Paz's dad preaches at in a rural area out past Taylorsville Lake. It was a traditional mexican wedding and they incorperated the lasso into the ceremony - it was the first time I'd seen that first hand. During the marriage vows, a white ribbon or rosary, called a "lasso", is symbolically wrapped around the necks of the couple, which represents their joining. It is customary for a Mexican groom to give his wife a wedding present of thirteen gold coins, which are then blessed by the priest during the marriage ceremony. This gesture represents the groom's commitment to support his new wife. As the newlyweds leave the church, red beads may be tossed at them, to bring good luck. To top it all off the reception was held at El Nopal off Westport Road - on the tables they had little bottles of hot sauce with the bride and grooms name and wedding date on them. Overall it was pretty awesome.

Felipe (Paz's little brother) and Eva

Camilla and Eva walking down the isle

Camilla and Eva

Eva Luna Browne

Stella and Eva

Throwing flower pedals

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