Friday, December 24, 2004

Secret Santa's Squared

I'm not nearly exhausted as I thought I would be. Usually the holidays drain every bit of energy out of me, especially Christmas with the girls but this year has been quite pleasant we did some last minute Christmas shopping, gave the girls a nap and went to my Mom's house around 5:30. We ate pizza and then participated in our yearly secret santa gift exchange (we do this at Paz's parents house too). My mom had picked my name out of a hat, and ended up pre-ordering me Mac OS 10.4 - Tiger. Score!! Hopefully Tiger will come out before 2006 and I'll be able to actually use it. My Step-Dad had Paz and got her a gift certificate to Joseph's Salon. We were both very happy with out gifts.

Around 7:45 we packed up and headed towards Paz's parents house so the kids can go nuts with there cousins and open presents. It was a whirlwind of wrapping paper children's screams. I snuck into no mans land and attempted to pick up the shredded wrapping paper and ended up getting an elbow to the temple. As of now it is almost 10:00 pm and Eva is still wired. We had to put Stella down in Paz's aunts bedroom - and so far she has been real comfortable in there.

I better run back upstairs so I can see what is going on. By now it should be time to open up my present from my secret santa.

What have you been doing so far?


Anonymous said...

I flat out refused to go anywhere this year as I now have the "kiddie card" that I've been so jealous of my cousins having for years. So on the 24th my mom came over, and my dad is visiting us the 26th. Today, the 25th, we are spending all on our lonesome and it is nice and quiet. Hurrah! -- Carrie

dottcomments said...

Teenagers are absolutely NO FUN on Christmas. They finally woke up, wandered around in the kitchen where I was cooking the roast beast and went off to watch TV or get on the computer.

Not all of the friends who had been invited for dinner were able to show up (because of the snow) but we had a yummy meal anyway.

Finally, the kids said, "Let's open presents" so they did. Jack went off immediately to install the electronic equipment he got in his room and Hannah packed up enough leftovers to feed several coworkers at the Baxter Theatres and headed off to sling popcorn for the rest of the day.

Teenagers are incredibly boring at Christmas.

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