Monday, December 27, 2004

He's got hydrogen cycosis (crazy eye)

I went to see The Life Aquatic yesterday with my brother and it was fantastic. I need to see it another 2-3 times to really appreciate it, but I was really happy with it to say the least. After the movie I ran over to Barnes and Noble (I have a gift card) to purchase the soundtrack but they were fresh out. I have always liked Mark Mothersbaugh's composing and in the movie there is a character named Pele Dos Santos (played by Seu Jorge) who is always playing David Bowie songs on his acoustic guitar and singing them in Portuguese. They sounded really, really cool. After I purchase the soundtrack I am going to have to get my hands on some Team Zissou pajama's.

Oh and for the record - 100% of the sea creatures in The Life Aquatic were created by hand, and filmed using stop-motion photography. None of the creatures were CG - but of course the sea scapes and underwater scenes were CG.


Democratic candidate for Governor Christine Gregoire has won the hand recount. In addition, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that more than seven-hundred newly discovered ballots from a heavily democratic county should now be considered.

Republicans, who fought hard to keep those seven-hundred ballots out of the tally, are now promising to show up on the doorsteps of every county auditor and find votes that were not counted for republican candidate Dino Rossi. They’re begging for a street fight, like Florida Two-Thousand or Ohio Two-Thousand and Four.

The heartwarming difference is that this time around, the Democrats are fighting back! All hail Washington State Democrats!

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dottcomments said...

SOUNDTRACK! I absolutely agree. Loved the movie, I now NEED the soundtrack.